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Dovestech is hiring talented people with various technical backgrounds to fill positions on our DoD contracts. Please check out our careers section to become part of our team today! Check us out on social media!


ThreatPop Visualization

ThreatPop is our premier cyber security visualization tool built on top of game engine technology in order to provide an interactive cyber threat discovery, investigative, and visualization experience for security analysts and network operators. Interested in learning more? Head over to our products section!

Dovestech Capabilities

Dovestech specializes in developing unique solutions including Data Processing, Analytic, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gamification and Visualization solutions.

Leading the Way in Cyber Visualization for SOCs

Research For The Next Generation Grocery Store

Finding the Needle in Many Haystacks Faster

Game Engine Technology for the Enterprise



Interactive Cyber Threat Visualization


Cyber Security Awareness Training Games


Simulated Phishing Attacks and Training


Dovestech is a company comprised of highly experienced and motivated staff. We are led by veterans of the tech field but with a passion to build a different company one step at the time. This means we need every hire to fit our standards, our customer’s standards and to contribute and participate in the growth of what promises to be something different. We are seeking passionate creatives as we are not just focused on consulting and services but on building simple solutions to solve complex problems and introducing our creations into the market place. Interested? Send us your resume and please indicate the position in which you are interested. Our e-amil address is!

Junior Audio-Visual Support Technicians

Motivated System Engineers

Experienced Software Engineers


Principal Software Engineer

Advanced Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Cloud Software Engineer

Senior Cloud Software Engineer

Senior Systems Administrator

Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineer

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Principal Systems Engineer

Senior Cloud Administrator

Mid-Level Cloud Administrator

Junior Cloud Administrator

Senior Network Engineer

Mid-Level Cloud Administrator (Shift– Flexible Hours)

Junior Site Reliability Engineer

Dovestech News

Dovestech Adds DoD Subcontracts

We are excited to add a subcontract that will see us supporting the Department of Defense and that will allow us to contribute to our nation’s critical security needs over the next five(5) years.  We will be applying expertise in cyber, data science, systems engineering and applying some advanced technologies to develop state of the […]


Dovestech’s Managing Director Delivers Commencement Speech

Dovestech’s Managing Director, Armando Seay, and Dovestech’s CTO, Ronnie Dove attended NPower’s graduation ceremony where Armando Seay gave an incredible commencement speech to the graduates.  NPower creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from under-served communities.      


Dovestech Supports Fallen Heroes at Charity Golf Event

Join Dovestech on October 6, 2017 in supporting our best and bravest as we lend our support to our business partner Praxis Engineering’s charity golf tournament.  Follow the link for registration details:


Supporting Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore

July 26, 2017 The Team at Dovestech continues to be inspired by those in the communities we service who try to to bring hope and uplifting services and solutions that empower our most challenged citizens. Our leadership team has a tradition of community support and engagement. Our team at Dovestech believes that success in business […]


Technology Blog

Inside the Lab: User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Members of our team have been studying existing technologies being applied in our customer environments for what is known today as User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). We have been engaged in examining the current sate of the market and studying the benefits and features claimed by new entrants into the market place. Legacy SEIM […]


Dovestech Explains: GPU Processing Power vs Passwords

Have you ever wondered how hackers are able to make quick work of leaked password databases even if the passwords are hashed? First we must discuss the basics of what a hashed password means.  Cryptographic hash functions are a way to turn a text representation of data into a fixed-length “fingerprint” based on the protected […]


Online Stores Infected with Skimming Malware

Initial Estimates point to almost 6,000 online stores as victims. (October 13, 2016) Data thieves have installed scripts to skim payment card data on nearly 6,000 websites. Some of the information the malware harvest is being sent to servers in Russia. Dutch developer Willem de Groot has been investigating.  Experts point out that one way […]


Google Battles State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

A senior executive of Alphabet Inc’s Google unit said on Monday that the company was notifying customers of 4,000 state-sponsored cyber attacks per month. Speaking at a Fortune magazine tech conference in Aspen, Colorado, Google senior vice president and Alphabet board member Diane Greene mentioned the figure while touting Google’s security prowess. The internet search […]



12 Risks, Threats, & Vulnerabilities in Moving to the Cloud

We are excited to add a subcontract that will see us supporting the Department of Defense and that will allow us to contribute to our nation’s critical #security needs over the next five(5) years. For more information visit:

Members of our team have been studying existing technologies being applied in our customer environments for what is known today as User and Entity Behavior Analytics. #UEBA #CyberSecurity -- Learn more:

#Ransomware takes less than a minute to do its damage. Signature based tools are useless. A recent government victim was attacked a 2nd time after updating signatures. Train users, machine learning end point security and pen tes…

Can Your Digital Life Convict You? In our connected world, we are being observed, listened to, videotaped, and pre-judged many times before any one has ever felt the warmth of your human presence. Our firm recently worked on this aspect, please read more below.




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