Dovestech Tapped for Cyber Attack Mitigation

Dovestech cyber personnel were recently engaged to conduct analytics for a cyber attack for a commercial customer.  The Dovestech team assisted with log analysis, vulnerability and risk assessments and various network and IP address related discovery and monitoring.  The intrusion method was detected, mitigation recommendations were discussed with the  client and a damage assessment was presented.  Dovestech will conduct continuous penetration testing and total information security audits needed to assess the risk of existing and new applications, wireless networks, physical security and wireless security for the firm.  Dovestech works with law enforcement and other cyber practitioners to assist or augment customer cyber efforts.  Our focus areas are penetration testing, Information Security Risk Audits and remote intrusion detection,analysis and mitigation.  Our staff holds certifications and or training from major certification and training organizations such SANS and ISACA amongst others.