Jazz Platform

Predict, Prevent, and Protect

Jazz Platform is a robust platform that provides end-to-end visibility to defend against internal and external security threats. Built with flexibility in mind, this platform can coexist with other solutions to add an extra layer of security and strengthen the security posture. Predict, prevent, and protect with the Jazz Platform:

  • Stop data exfiltration
  • Recognize malicious behavior
  • Search for software vulnerabilities
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Require multi-factor authentication as a suspicious event occurs
  • Block lateral movement

Machine Learning Re-Imagined

Jazz Platform‘s machine learning monitors your external and internal network connections and reacts to events in real time—providing you visibility and control over file events, USB transfers, DNS requests, and so much more.

Feature Rich Platform

Whether your employees are in the office, working from home, or on the road, Jazz Platform enables them to work without compromising your company’s security. Jazz Platform protects against all insider threats:

  • Data Theft
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Human Error

Elegantly Designed

A new software combining Cyber Passport, machine learning and real-time action, with a Scandinavian user experience design. Get the power to see activities as they happen across your network with process-, application-, and container-level visibility.

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