About Us

Hey, this is who we are. 

Department of Defense Technology Veterans, Directors of Cyber Security Innovation Centers, Serial Technology Entrepreneurs & Data Scientists. 

Combined, we creatively solve our customer’s technology and cyber challenges.

A few of the things we can do

IT Cyber Security Vulnerability Testing

Personnel with industrial Control and IT cybersecurity vulnerability testing using test industrial lab environments running real word PLCs, RTUs and HMIs and libraries of exploits and PCAP

Developing Insights from Your Data

Using tools (such as Elasticsearch) our team can turn data into information and powerful visualizations.

Using Technology to Secure our Nation

Department of Defense contract experienced staff with appropriate clearances needed for sensitive DoD and Intelligence Community work.

It's in our DNA

Helping Future Cyber Warriors take Flight

Cybersecurity or technology for purely profit is not our thing. Mentoring can have positive change on a life and that life can later positively change the lives of others. 

One of our founders, had a high school mentor and teacher who recognized his potential and ensured he had every opportunity to maximize it.  

This mentor ensured a young inner city high school kid could explore his full potential and interest in computers and programming.  How?  By  opening the doors to the high school lab and classroom early and staying late into the evening so that this ambitious young man could explore all the ways he could code programs to solve various problems.  Not content to allow the young man to walk home or take public transportation home in the evenings, she dropped him off at his home every evening. 

The computing equipment at this high school was old when compared to those in the the wealthier suburban schools.  

The time, patience and encouragement of a committed mentor and teacher allowed this young man the time to explore his intellectual curiosity and ambition.  This allowed the young man the time and space to develop programs and learn computing skills well beyond the ones being taught at his inner city high school but also beyond the skills being taught in the wealthier and better equipped suburban schools.  

This same mentor and teacher recommended the young man for his first corporate internships and later the young man went forth and created and bought technology companies, employed hundreds.  

Remembering how much his mentor and teacher’s commitment inspired him, the young man committed to helping other young kids realize their full potential using his connections and business platforms.

Dovestech is a Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI)
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) test, evaluation and
solutions partner. Dovestech specializes in IT, IoT and OT cyber
compliance for manufacturing and the critical infrastructure sector.

If your firm is interested in CMMC compliance, Dovestech is one of
only a few firms that have been testing and evaluating processes and
solutions as each CMMC Draft has been published.  Dovestech has
experience with CMMC assessments utilizing the the draft versions for
DoD Defense Industrial Base companies.

Our Team's Technology Solutions Experience

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