About Us

Our team is experienced in defending and securing our customers’ cyber front. We actively work with top cybersecurity organizations and experts from the Department of Defense, Law Enforcement, Civilian sector and apply this expertise across various industries.

At a Glance

IT Cybersecurity Vulnerability Testing

Personnel with industrial Control and IT cybersecurity vulnerability testing using test industrial lab environments running real word PLCs, RTUs and HMIs and libraries of exploits and PCAP

Assessing Live Environments

Experienced assessing live business, manufacturing, building, IT/OT and IoT environments

DoD Experience

Department of Defense contract experienced staff with appropriate clearances needed for sensitive DoD and Intelligence Community work.

Dovestech Industrial Cybersecurity

  • Cyber testbeds to test solution efficacy and to simulate the impact of cyber attacks on systems and hardware. 
  • Automated red team testing tools and vulnerability detection with remediation roadmaps. 
  • Continuous monitoring using on premise and secure cloud dashboards. 
  • Insider threat detection and data exfiltration using ML and anomaly detection of humans and processes. 
  • NIST SP 800-171 Security Assessments in response to DFARS Cybersecurity Requirements per Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clause 252.204-7012 “Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting.”

Dovestech Cyber Solutions

Jazz Network Insider Threat - leading UEBA Solution

Jazz agents are deployed on endpoints and servers and immediately begin collecting activity data and report it back to the Jazz Infrastructure.

Machine Learning

Analyzes behavior and actions of users, applications, and operating systems to establish a ‘normal’ baseline. Comparisons are made for every action against baselines.


Identified, alarmed and raised for any perceived threats like data exfiltration, malicious software and non-compliant devices or applications.

Stop Threats Instantly

Isolate a machine to stop infectious software from spreading, lock a computer if mal-intent is identified, or push for multi-factor authentication to confirm an identity.



Instant deployment

Data securely stored for you

Supplement your SOC team with our analyst services

Turn the lights on and enjoy peace of mind.


Easy install

Instantly usable by teams

Full control of environment

Keep full control and leverage our experts if you need them.

Dovestech Cybersecurity for the Education Market

  • Automated Phishing campaigns 
  • Data privacy and compliance assessments 
  • Automated Red Team and continuous monitoring
  • Ransomware resilience 
  • Automated vulnerability assessments
  • Active shooter cyber focused risk assessments (social media, AI based surveillance, access control systems)
  • Security operations center monitoring 
  • Cyber incident response 
  • School Board and Parent Organization cyber risk fundamentals

Technology Solutions Experience

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