Cybersecurity and The Music Industry

As creatives, musicians focus on what they do best, create the musical sound track of our lives. 

Dovestech LLC is a cybersecurity consultancy with deep experience working mission projects for the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and U.S. Cyber Command to name a few.

The team is led by personnel with exposure to the music and other aspects of entertainment industry.  

Our staff has been in the studio, sat at the mixing boards, walked the Grammy red carpets and more. 

Musicians need to look at cybersecurity in the same manner as they configure their personal security teams.  

Our team has been called to support musicians who have been subject to ransomware attacks.  Truth be told. It’s typically too late when we get the call.  Paying the ransomware has consequences and risks. 

What do we offer the entertainment industry ?

1 A security plan.

With the proper tools that secures your phones, laptops, cloud accounts, social media and you’re at home and travel communications.   

2 We stay up with the latest technologies

Searching the darkest reaches of the internet to check for credential theft.

3. Continuously Evaluate

Everything – from encryption, virtual phones, and security technologies needed to prevent malware that can turn on your phone’s camera, microphones and control background apps even when your phone is “off”. 

Our personnel are background checked, American citizens and maintain the security credentials of practitioners who support the government agencies in our bios. 

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