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Dovestech tapped to review cyber risk and resilience for major pension fund administrator.

Millions of dollars are at stake for this Dovestech municipal customer and so is the privacy and financial security of thousands that rely on the pension administrators secure operations and financial stewardship. 

After other agencies in the city were hit with ransomware attacks, the pension administrator needed a review of the organization’s cyber resilience to ransomware and other cyber attacks that could endanger the operations of the organization.  Dovestech conducted a risk assessment and provided the organization with standards and best practice recommendations that would increase the ability of the organization to recover from a cyber attack but to also increase the cyber resilience of the organization.

Dovestech was tapped by the board of directors and CEO for the organization and its final report was delivered to the board.

Dovestech answers the call to assist with ransomware attack

It is the call that no one wants to get, but in today’s ransomware dense environment, Dovestech was ready.  A defense manufacturer was impacted by ransomware and needed assistance navigating the issue and to get advice on dealing with their cyber insurance provider, assessing recovery options needed to get the company operational again and other incident response.


Dovestech conducted multiple discovery and incident response calls with the customer.  The Dovestech team was able to determine the type of ransomware involved and provide the customer with options for decryption.  In addition, Dovestech was able to walk the customer through a process designed to assess the viability of backups.  Dovestech also provided a comprehensive ransomware resilience and incident response plan for the organization. 

U.S. DoD acquisitions training and support

Government regulations are many and at times complex.  The Dovestech team provided comprehensive mentoring on Other Transaction Authority (OTA), Technology Transfer (T2), and Partnership Intermediary Agreements (PIA).   The services included the curating of custom training sessions on the use of OTAs and PIAs but also guided the government customer organization to other government resources, conferences, Department of Defense Instructions (DoDI) and a review of how the non FAR based authorities are being used by other DoD organizations.

U.S. Intelligence Community Mission Systems Engineering

As a subcontractor for a $50 million dollar mission program, the Dovestech team provided, cryptologic testing, designed the mission test lab, developed rapid analytic solutions for massive data ingestion operations, developed remote management applications to monitor sensitive and mission critical technology to increase up time and increase proactive measures that reduced mission downtime.


Dovestech also supported the network device implementation at field sites all over the world. 


A key success story was Dovestech’s software and analytic tools team achievement in response to an executive agency request.  The team was tasked to quickly find information in support of a national security urgent need.  The team, met and agreed on a strategy that would make adjustments to the data processing and analytic workflow to increase the ability of the algorithms to correlate and detect the targeted information faster and with more accuracy for rapid decision support.  The team met the urgent information need request and the team lead received a commendation letter for excellence.

U. S. Air Force CUI Consulting

The proper implementation of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) mandates can be daunting.  Dovestech was contracted to conduct a top to bottom review of the U.S. Air Force’s program to determine how the Air Force and its subcontractor team should go about ensuring compliance with the Department of Defense and Air Force mandates on CUI.


It was a big task as the program was deep into its performance.  Dovestech was able to provide the Air Force team with CUI guidance and information on additional compliance deficits such as ITAR compliance.

Designing Cybersecurity Exercises for the Military Cyber Warfighter

The United States Military must train to stay sharp and ahead of our nation’s adversaries.   When it came time to sharpen skills around operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, the DoD called on Dovestech.  The goal was to design an environment with hardware in the loop, integration of a cyber range, a connection to the cloud and a set of scenarios that were as realistic as possible in terms of the OT environment with a special focus on oil and gas related OT cybersecurity.  The additional challenge included the incorporation of a key foreign partner and their language requirements into the exercise.  Dovestech called on a few partners to help it design the exercise and to add a security operations center (SOC) element that was added at the last minute by the customer. 


Dovestech designed the network environment, the cyber exercise playbook, added synthetic and real data, configured a cloud hosted SOC environment and installed agents on the endpoints connected to the exercise network.  The cyber physical oil and gas aspects were researched and parts including PLCs were ordered.  The one-week exercise was deemed a huge success.


What’s the follow up?  Dovestech was asked by a key foreign partner of the United States to assist them with hosting a similar exercise in their country for a National Guard and U.S. DoD combatant command joint exercise.


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