Uncompromising Red Team Service.

THREATRED CATO is a cyber security operations platform. Instead of providing a commodity assessment, ThreatRed provides novel red team services that closely match the operational cadence of real-world attacks. ThreatRed enables customers to have much better insight into their security posture by witnessing well-trained and tool-rich operators attempt to gain access to their network. ThreatRed is the next evolution in offensive services.

Cyber Security, Simplified.

THREATRED CATO is an easy-to-use, web-based platform that automatically and randomly assesses your cyber security readiness.

THREATRED CATO matches the operational cadence of real-world attacks by executing proven campaigns, operations, and tasks honed over eight years and a million hours protecting Dovestech’s customers. The results are automatically generated by our expert system or manually created by our experienced operators and presented to the customer through dashboard service tiles. At a minimum, each ThreatRed finding has a description, recommendation, and severity ranking.

Feature Rich Platform

THREATRED CATO provides a platform to conduct random and scheduled operations:

  • Random and scheduled vulnerability assessments.
  • Automated external and internal penetration testing.
  • Malware and vulnerability cyber hunt.
  • Security control compliance validation.
  • Dark Web monitoring of accounts, assets, and brands.
  • Performance-based training and education.
  • Access to malware analysis and incident reporting.
  • Access to risk quantification and mitigation.
  • Real-time analysis and reporting.

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