Dovestech Adds DoD Subcontracts

We are excited to add a subcontract that will see us supporting the Department of Defense and that will allow us to contribute to our nation’s critical security needs over the next five(5) years.  We will be applying expertise in cyber, data science, systems engineering and applying some advanced technologies to develop state of the art solutions.

This month we have also garnered a subcontract win that will see us applying our deep software engineering expertise in data flow and data analytics on some massive data problems.  Our experience in Hadoop, NiFi, Apache Storm, Elastic Search along with some emerging technologies will be put to good use on this new effort.

We have joined forces with one of our partners in the the DoD space to help craft solutions for mission systems engineering and remote mission management.  We are busy helping to curate the perfect talent and solutions for a key mission customer in need of a new approach to deep analytic problems and needing research in storage and at-rest-encryption.

Our team merges its experience as veterans of large and small technology companies. Our team has seen mergers and acquisitions, wins and losses, good corporate synergy as well as some bad. Our sage leadership has taken all of these lessons and meshed them with our team’s cyber security, systems engineering and data science expertise and dashes of relevant and proven disruptive technologies and techniques to create solutions to meet our client’s technology needs. We are building a different type of company one step at at a time. We appreciate every new customer and opportunity to innovate.

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