Dovestech continues to expand its customer base

July 6th, 2016, Baltimore Maryland

Dovestech LLC continues to expand its customer base and today announces that it has garnered a subcontract for cyber security solutions and services in support of key government customers. Dovestech is part of an elite team that will provide solutions and services needed to manage and execute cyber policy and solutions at the enterprise level.

Dovestech advanced cyber research includes the development of StillWaters a highly scalable network obfuscation solution that acts as an early warning system to cyber operators on cyber attacks that have penetrated network defenses and that utilizes powerful data processing algorithms to parse through data to help detect threats.

Dovestech has also launched ThreatPop, a first-of-its-kind interactive cyber threat visualization tool. This fully interactive solution leverages touch screens and mobile computing devices to provide cyber operators with threat awareness capabilities not found in traditional solutions. ThreatPop allows the cyber operator to visualize active cyber threats and to investigate their nature and origin interactively. ThreatPop leverages streaming analytics, Big Data and machine learning among other technologies to provide up-to-the-minute, as it happens threat data, leverage a fully customizable threat recording and replay with the added bonus of being totally data agnostic.

CyberOculous is Dovestech’s federated managed security monitoring solution for small to midsize clients needing some one to watch over their cyber security in real time with the added capability to respond to active cyber threats.

Today’s cyber environment is ever changing and challenging. Active cyber defense requires personnel with the skills and training needed to effectively deal with the full spectrum of cyber threats. To this end Dovestech’s Cyber Academy continues to evolve its cyber curriculums to meet today’s cyber challenges.  Cyber curriculums are being developed with the support of former DoD and Intelligence community cyber practitioners and other partners. In addition Dovestech’s curriculums include standard offerings that form the foundation needed for successful cyber careers that include CompTIA, Linux, Cloud and many industry recognized curriculums and certifications.

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