Dovestech Selected for Proof of Concept Development

Dovestech recently was selected to exhibit our expertise and knowledge of data science for IoT analytics for a government customer.  The customer sought out firms that indicated they had expertise in data analytic and visualization using ElasticSearch.  Guess what?  We were down selected as the top firm and we are off to the races building an analytic solution proof of concept that once approved, would be responsible for processing terabytes of data.

The Dovestech team is busy understanding the data and creating analytic visualizations that point to all manner of trends reflected in the consumer based transaction data.  The analytics will help the customer work with its content suppliers by spot lighting trends in consumer taste and also to help the customer spot trends by location in the country, content and to conduct predictive analytics on future  content buying. We are even analyzing things like carrier strength

Our expertise stems from the projects where we get the opportunity to act as an extension of our customer.  We enjoy projects where we collaborate on the vision and where we learn from the customer’s experience and staff.  Getting to know each other (customer and Dovestech) and understanding the customer’s business and objectives first is the ultimate way to maximize skills, resources and time towards a truly successful project.

Four our firm it is about building a symbiotic relationship, with our customer.   In the end, creating software solutions is a creative process that involves the customer telling us their story (requirements) and us taking this data in to create the solution that will meet the final objective.  We thrive on an iterative process built on small milestones and capability demonstrations that help to validate the vision or at times shifts the direction as needed.

When you add it all up, we typically don’t care what you call the process Agile, or DevOps or whatever.  We know them all and understand them.  It is about a well managed journey of discovering the best approach to solving a problem by putting together a  solution that works through a journey of mutual respect and collaboration with our team and your team.

If you like a boutique firm with innovative and obsessive types about the process of crafting data analytic solutions we might be just what you are looking for. Remember we like a collaborative partnership with our customers.  We are hiring each other, you hire us because we have the talent and capabilities you need and we agree to be your partner because you have an interesting challenge that leverages our skills and experience but also pushes just that much further in our ability to innovate.

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