Dovestech Community Support In Action

Baltimore, Maryland – July 21, 2017

Access to technology and the internet is an unquestionable pathway to academic and career success. Many inner city communities lack the resources the young inhabitants and even parents in the community need to build a foundation for future success.

The Dovestech leadership team is committed to supporting the children and the families that surround the communities where our customers’ thrive. To this end, our leadership team has committed and is delivering on a technology refresh/upgrade to the Perkins Community Center Technology Classroom named after Dovestech, Greater Baltimore Cares and Kathlyn and Armando Seay. The Seay’s and their team furnished and provided the computers in the center a few years ago. The Perkins Community Center technology upgrade will help Living Classrooms Foundation serve more children and their parents with vital mentoring, after school support and career skills.

Dovestech is led and supported in part by graduates of Baltimore City High Schools with an over 30 year track record of successful entrepreneurship and information technology experience. The team believes that you must give back in some measure to the communities you operate and thrive in.

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