Supporting Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore

July 26, 2017

The Team at Dovestech continues to be inspired by those in the communities we service who try to to bring hope and uplifting services and solutions that empower our most challenged citizens. Our leadership team has a tradition of community support and engagement. Our team at Dovestech believes that success in business for the sake of it is a hollow reward and not really success at all. As a result of this living philosophy you will find our tiny fingerprints and foot steps in the nooks and crannies of the communities that see very little warmth from positive sunlight.

A few weeks ago our leadership team received a call about Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore from a close friend in New York. This friend is a tireless crusader for children and families in need all over the country. Despite her fame and net worth, she contributes substantial amounts of her personal time and resources to solving issues that negatively impact children.

The Boys Hope aspect of this non profit supports a handful of talented young men all of whom attend elite private schools on scholarship and that are bound also via scholarships for some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country. The path towards continued success and reaching college only works if they can continue to get the support they need to remain in the residential mentoring program that Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore has been providing. While the Girls Hope Program is well established and received national recognition and support for a custom built and decorated home with rooms for the girls and their live-in mentors the boys home and program was in need of substantial support.

The young men of Boys Hope are in fact the brightest lights and hope of their very challenging circumstances and communities. These young men are academically brilliant and dedicated. Boys Hope Girls Hope provides a stable, secure and nurturing residential mentioning program with almost everything they need to focus on their futures and eliminating dangerous distractions typically found in their challenged neighborhoods. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore provides the safety from the threats young urban youth fall victim to and that we read about and see in the news almost everyday and really almost hourly.

We are thankful that our leadership team at Dovestech was able to make what we hope is a long term difference to the Boys Hope program and that our continued support will help the program continue to do the most valuable work anyone can do, which is to give a child every chance at a productive life. We were proud to join others in the community who also agreed to contribute services and or dollars at the event held recently at the home for Girls Hope.

For more information on the program and to see how you can help see the following link below:

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